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Taxi driver.
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Keeper of Secrets.

Mommahood is HARD.

I would first like to offer a disclaimer. 🙂

Don’tstop reading this post if you are not a “Momma”. Although I have three with my last name, I have many more children because I work in a schoolsystem. I also teach children at church, have nieces, younger cousins, and I have friends’ children at my home. All the above assignments constitute the title of“Momma”. The job title is assigned when God stations children within your life, regardless of your role.

Now, grab a mirror. Seriously, grab a mirror. Look in that mirror and tell yourself, “God chose me.” Say it again, because if you are like me, it takes a couple of times to believe it.

God chose you to “Momma” the children placed in your life. Sister, you are a chosen woman of God. He has entrusted those children into your care. Thus, you have a responsibility.

Step 1 and 2
As Mommas, our default is to act. We are constantly doing. Yet, God provides step by step as we climb the ladder of Mommahood. He outlines the important first step in Deuteronomy 6:4-5, our heart. He commands we “must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength.” God doesn’t give us a choice; He says we MUST. He then continues to provide us another step, “commit yourselves wholeheartedly”. Remember, He chose you to do this job. He hand-selected you. He knows you are capable if you love him and commit to Him wholeheartedly.

I don’t want to spend too much time here because we all know where we are in our personal relationship with God. If there has not been a time in your life when you put your faith in Him, please read through the Plan of Salvation. Send us an email; Debbie and I would love to counsel with you about what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

If you are already a follower of Christ but have slid off the straight and narrow, today is the best day to begin your Mommahood ladder climb. Take a moment to repent of your sins and renew your relationship with Christ. Read Psalm 51. 🙂

Step 3
As we continue climbing up the ladder, the verses in Deuteronomy are not only loaded with truth, but they are also loaded with responsibilities. Step 3 is the first active step involving your children. We will begin by breaking down verse 7.

To “repeat them again and again to your children”, they must be in your heart. (Steps 1 and 2). Your daily quiet time with the Lord is the foundation for you to land successfully on Step 3. One way you can follow through with this step is to create a “Verse of the Week”. Scripture memory is so important because it protects our heart from sin (Psalm 119:11). Write your verse of the week on a note card and place it on your refrigerator, car dashboard, bathroom mirror, toilet bowl lid – anywhere your children are. Within the workplace, place God’s Word on your desk, around your computer, or on a plaque on the wall. Be intentional with using scripture in front of your children. Discuss your devotion and the scriptures God has given you. Drip Jesus into the conversations. Be creative; you are chosen for this job and you have all the qualifications.

Step 4
This step resembles a hamster wheel. Never stop running the race. Always let God’s Word be your default for your feelings, thoughts, emotions, words, and behavior. God’s Word should be evident in your life and the lives of your children. Literally, this is your foundation. Meditate upon it and memorize it.

A few years ago, JD, Isaac, and Mary Alice were constantly speaking rude and hurtful things to one another. I had prayed for their little sinner hearts, minds, and mouths, but they were not getting better. So I jumped off the ladder and started back at Step 1 and kept climbing. I stopped at Step 4 and memorized Ephesians 4:29. Then, I went back down to the 3rd step and made it the verse of the MONTH! Every McVey was then standing on Step 4 memorizing God’s Word. It worked! As soon as I heard unwholesome talk”spill out of their mouths, I would give them my best mom face, eyebrows up, and say, “Ephesians 4:29”. Not another word was spoken. They zipped it, locked it, and put it in their pockets.

Even though that was several years ago, that truth is still true today! All I have to do is say the Bible reference, and it stops them in their tracks. By creating an environment where God’s Word is a constant foundation, you will always be equipped and so will your children. The constant exposure to God’s Word reminds me of when I wear my favorite set of bangle bracelets, I always hear them jingle.

Step 5
Put scripture in your home, on your cell phone, anywhere you are to help your heart meditate on it. (Step 4). I began to look for home decor that had God’s Word on it. Etsy and Hobby Lobby have truly changed my home decor, in the name of Jesus. 😉 Be intentional with “writing God’s Word on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” Your children will see it, and God’s Word is powerful. Another side story is when I literally took God’s Word in my hand and walked through my house proclaiming power in the name of Jesus. I prayed for Satan to flee in the name of Jesus. (James 4:7)

I prayed over the doorposts and the gates of my home, and I often repeat the process depending on what’s going on. Life is hard and that makes Mommahood hard.

When in doubt, PRAY! Start again at Step 1!

Mommahood is hard, but we are called to the job. There are so many blessings that unfold in those hard moments, as well as the funny ones, that we always retell at family gatherings. Don’t be misunderstood, this isn’t an option. If God has entrusted children in your care, go grab that ladder and begin the climb. It’s a daily climb. Never jump to Step 3 without starting at Step 1. You will fall, but that gives you the chance to get back up and start again. That’s the key. Start small; be faithful with little. God will indeed bless your efforts and the intent of your heart.

Climbing with you,


Heather McVey, a speaker and accidental writer, has a passion for connecting the dots of God’s Word. Her mission is focused on teaching women how to unfold the scriptures within their own life, encouraging and equipping them to walk worthy of their calling. Learn more about her in Meet Heather.

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