Sow seeds of righteousness, one day at a time.

Last week, you were challenged to begin preparing the soil of your heart by cultivating where you are placed. As you have sifted through the areas of your life, I hope you spent some time with Jesus in an attitude of repentance. I know personally, it’s easy to allow things of this world to overshadow my walk with the Lord. Remember we are to direct our lives according to God’s Word and not what the world says is appropriate and acceptable.

Be encouraged for the work you have completed thus far. Continue to pull the weeds that creep in, plowing the ground of your heart. Don’t grow weary, you will reap the harvest in His time. Don’t lose heart. (Galatians 6:9)

As you walk through this week, approach God’s Word every day. If you have never read His Word for 7 days straight, I invite you to “exercise your faith cultivated through spiritual discipline and devotion”.

Stay focused with your eyes on Jesus. Be careful not to step into comparative righteousnessfocusing on how good someone else’s spiritual life looks. Remember, God gets the glory–not us. (Galatians 1:10)

Continuing the work,


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Heather McVey, a speaker and accidental writer, has a passion for connecting the dots of God’s Word. Her mission is focused on teaching women how to unfold the scriptures within their own life, encouraging and equipping them to walk worthy of their calling. Learn more about her in Meet Heather.